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Carpet Cleaning in St Albans

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company St Albans

Hot Water (Steam) Extraction

This is the most widely used cleaning method for most carpet types. We recommend having your carpets cleaned on an annual basis to keep them in the best condition. Your carpets act as a filter for your home or workplace trapping dust mites and bacteria. This cleaning method eliminates all the nasty germs lurking in your carpet. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the best results are achieved on every clean! All of our cleaning technicians are fully trained and fully insured for all work carried out in your home. We are one of the most experienced carpet cleaning companies in St Albans with over 30 years combined experience.

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

More and more people are asking about our dry-cleaning system as your carpets are left dry and ready to walk on immediately after cleaning. This cleaning method is more ideal for clients who have lightly soiled carpets and are having them cleaned on a 6 monthly basis or sooner. The dry carpet cleaning method is also suitable for Sisal carpets which have become very popular over recent years. All of the products we use at Carpet Cleaning St Albans are 100% safe for children and pets. We regularly attend training courses to keep up to date with new products and equipment.

Stain Protection

We know how much our clients invest in their carpets and we offer a stain protection service which helps protect your carpets for when those mishaps happen. If you happen to spill something on the carpet it will allow you approximately 20 minutes to grab some kitchen towel or a clean cloth to absorb the stain before it penetrates the fibres of the carpet. We highly recommend getting your carpets if you have children or pets as it helps making the carpet more soil resistant too.

Carpet Cleaning: Features
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