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Professional Rug Cleaning Services in St Albans

We offer professional rug cleaning services in St Albans. Contact us on 01727 260038 and get a free quote for cleaning your rugs today!

Rug Cleaning

With years of experience cleaning all types of rugs. We are able to revive your rugs and bring them back to life with our deep clean. Did you know your rugs act as a filter for dust and it is important you get them cleaned on an annual basis to maintain them and keep your rugs looking their best. Many of our customers comment on how their asthma and other health conditions are kept at bay with regular cleaning of their rugs. All of the solutions we use to clean your rugs are eco-friendly and safe for children and pets. We clean your rugs in situ whether that’s in your home or workplace. We are the go-to, Rug Cleaner in St Albans.

Carpet in Living Room
Embroidered Rug

Cleaning Method

At Rug Cleaning St Albans we identify the fibres of your rug and then suggest the best possible clean. For a standard synthetic rug, we will pre vacuum your rug, apply a pre spray which breaks down any remaining harder soils, we then agitate your rug with our counter rotating brush machine. The next stage is hot water (steam) extraction. We then treat any stains that may remain with our spot removers. Drying times can vary depending on the pile of your rug and room temperature along with other factors but you should find your rugs dry within 6-8 hours of cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We are specialists in cleaning oriental rugs that have been imported from all over the world. We know how precious these rugs are and we have taken vigorous training on cleaning your rugs to the best possible standard. We only use specialist solutions to prevent colour bleeding from your rugs. With regular maintenance your rug should last a lifetime! Get in touch today for a free quotation. We also recommend that your rug sees some sun in between cleans as this is a traditional way for the Suns UV rays to kill bacterias and dustmites.

Rug Selection
Rug Cleaning: Features
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