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How Long Can Coronavirus Survive On Any Surface And Why Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

How Long Can Coronavirus Survive On Any Surface And Why You Should Get Your Carpets Cleaned By Professionals In Such Situations?

Carpet Cleaning

Coronavirus or COVID-19 has become a pandemic, causing great deal of problems and loss of live all over the world. There’s no proper treatment for it, however, we are being constantly informed to stay indoors, practice social distancing and following safety measures as that is the only way that one can keep themselves safe from such a virus.

Many people raise a question that we can keep our hands clean, avoid touching our face but what about the environment that we live in? The surfaces we touch on a daily basis, are they clean enough? Their major concern rises when it comes to upholstery and carpets as these are the things that can’t be cleaned in a daily basis. If we answer the question on how long can the new coronavirus linger on surfaces, the answer is that no one knows exactly. Various analyses has found that the virus can remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours, on copper for up to 4 hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours.

When searched online, you will find various articles saying a whole lot of different things and trusting one becomes even more difficult as everyone cares for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. However, when it comes to carpets, one must understand that they are the harbor of dust and allergens. As far as coronavirus is concerned, one should leave nothing to chances. So it perfectly makes sense to thoroughly clean rugs and carpets so that when you and your family are using it, you enjoy the peace of mind that you are perfectly safe.

It is also highly suggested to not take the cleaning work in your own hands and rather leave it to the professionals. This is because when cleaning yourself, you might not know which cleaning agent to use and how well protected you must be when undertaking the task. Unknowingly, you can put yourself into grave danger that you might not realize for a long period of time.

Need of Carpet Cleaning

When you will call the carpet cleaning professionals, their first job will be to take the carpet away from you. With the use of right cleaning products, high quality equipment and following complete precaution measures, the work will be done. This way you will get a clean carpet without putting yourself or your family at risk.

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